NAH DRAN XXXIV 1. WITCHTITS: NEW WORLD 2. A Step. Our path through the t...


1. NEW WORLD is a performance where WITCHTITS search for entrances into an intangible world. They are finding the edges of magic. They believe the key is somewhere within them. They gather treasured possessions and cleanse their bodies in preparation for their quest. Guru wands, a playlist and a xylophone transport WITCHTITS and the audience to a NEW WORLD.
WITCHTITS is a dance/life witching collaboration between Alicia Grant and Zinzi Buchanan. They practise rituals, chants and fake/real healing in group actions, performances, interventions and installations. They find soft boundaries between real and fake in burnings, crying/laughing meditations, finding power points, Be Your Own Healer workshops, Radical Anxiety and Triangle Power Djing. For stage, they have previously developed the piece, "WITCHTITS by WITCHTITS" with Philip McKee around "The WITCHTITS GAME". It is an improvised word game based on personal and universal truths, distortions and idealism. It has been performed in Berlin, Stolzenhagen, Potsdam and Amsterdam. Most recently, they made the book of spells,The WITCHTITS Book of Magic, during a 2 week residency at Ponderosa in Stolzenhagen, Germany. They will perform their newest piece, "WITCHTITS go to paradise" at Tanztage 2013 in Berlin.

2. "A Step" is a collaborative project involving dance, sound, movement, and music. It found its inspiration in the simple, single, foot step which is then followed by sound and developed through subsequent movement. Our intent with this piece is to research the intersection of sound and motion, and to turn the convention of "movement following music" on its head. As music has its own narrative and direct connection to our emotions, we have experimented with the motions informing the soundscape. Both of which, in turn, evolve and shift within their own dimensions. In this way a symbiosis s formed between the two performers and their dissimilar, yet convergent, art forms. Over the course of the piece the dynamics of the interaction are less antagonistic than two mingling interdependent halves, which after an scillation between choreography and composition, finally combine to create a third separate entity. "A Step" is the first phase of a larger process between Akemi Nagao and Michael Tuttle.The following chapter is one in which the music is composed beforehand and though it will have elements of improvisation, the music is firmly in the foreground. Then, for the final phase, the composition of the sound and the choreography of movement will be synthesized, thus placing each art form and performer on level ground.

3. "TOD(DOT)COM" war ursprünglich als Supporting Act für einen Club konzipiert und begibt sich heute Abend zum ersten Mal in einen Theaterraum. "TOD(DOT)COM" versucht einen Zoom zu erzeugen, durch welchen Gefühlsregungen bezüglich des Sterbens und Todesideen durch unterschiedliche Körpersituationen und Orte eingefangen werden. Wir begeben uns in ein körperliches Experiment auf Leben und Tod. Daher werden wir in dieser Versuchsanordnung des Öfteren sterben, noch häufiger tot sein, sowohl durch unterschiedliche Ursachen, als auch mit unterschiedlicher Wirkung. Die tanzenden Körper treffen sich, um immer wieder neue Todesszenarien heraufzubeschwören. Klischees werden manipuliert, neu bearbeitet und lassen so neue Bilder durch die Bewegung entstehen. Wir nehmen die Klischees Ernst. "TOD(DOT)COM" ist gleichermaßen eine Ode an das Leben und eine Hymne auf den Tod.

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Die Trailer von "A Step. Our path through the territory of movement and sound" und "TOD(DOT)COM" sind auf der Seite von Tanzforum Berlin verfügbar.

1. Zinzi Buchanan, Alicia Grant 2. Akemi Nagao, Michael Tuttle 3. Jennifer Bopp, Julieta Figueroa
Sonntag, 21. Oktober 2012
Walter Bickmann
72 min