Long long short long short


It is a piece made with love.

It is a case for inside-out ocular witnesses.

It is a dance piece with two dance reporters, noisy shoes, and a poem, trying to get attuned.

It is a duet looking for different means of transportation between dimensions.

It is a dance piece that goes through different modes of doing and looking at dancescapes.

It splits.

It is a time-space machine that tests relationships in a wide sense.

It is the misinterpretation of a duet, choreographed by two women who stretch and shrink each other’s visions, traces and sound-tracks.

It is made for a psycho squirrel.

It is a short long piece made of long short parts.

// Credits //

by & with: Alix Eynaudi & Agata Maszkiewicz
artistic collaboration: Paula Caspão, David Elchardus, Philippe Quesne, Vincent Tirmarche
production: Margarita Production for The Other vzw, VierHochDrei (A)
coproduction: Kaaitheater (B), NEXT festival (Kunstencentrum BUDA (B) & Espace Pasolini – Théâtre International (F))
in partnership with: Workspace Brussels (B), brut Wien (A), DANS.KIAS studio (A)
with the support of Stadt Wien (A)
thanks to: Superamas, Cynthia Loemij, Agnès Quackels, Inneke Van Waeyenberghe, Koen Kwanten, Caroline Madl, Brian Costello, Sabine Desbonnets, Christophe Ives, Marine Prost

// Production //

Margarita Production collaborates with up-and-coming artists from various disciplines that have the potential to create proper artistic careers in the near future. The track is set according to the specific needs of each artist and ranges from preproduction, advice with the writing of funding applications and financial supervision to distribution and tour management.

Despite its short history, Margarita Production has established itself in the Brussels, Flemish and international artistic landscape and also closely collaborates with a large number of organizations. Because of this, Margarita can offer the artist an extensive network within which the right contacts can be found for each individual project. Distribution and visibility are crucial elements when launching new - and often unusual - work. Not sales, but the visibility of the artist is the objective.

// AutorInnen //

Alix Eynaudi danced with Rosas until 2002. The first creation of her own, Supernaturel (2007), was a real gem and was on at the Kaaistudio’s last season. She and Agata Maszkiewicz performed together in Big 3 / happy end (2006), a performance by Superamas. Last year they decided to start working together. Their first collaboration took the form of a movie, The Visitants (2008). Long long short long short is their first dance production.

// Presse //

Alix Eynaudi and Agata Maszkiewicz call long long short long short ‘a piece made with love’. We are happy to believe it. In De Standaard, Sarah Vankersschaever wrote: ‘In this ‘short long piece made up of short long parts’ they consider what relationships are possible between them: friendship, sexuality and individuality are the main key words. … The fine thing about long long short long short is that it is gentle without being light: Eynaudi and Maszkiewicz offer us personal material with the aid of movement, spoken and projected words, light and video extracts.’

‘Sensuality that melts the eye. A tender piece that demonstrates how two individuals arrive at a common language whose meaning everyone senses.’ - De Standaard


Montag, 30. November 2009
49 min