Ates, Marc

Marc Ates is a director, dancer, performer, choreographer, musician, programmer, filmmaker, light- and stage-designer. Educated in dance and acting (School for New Dance Development, Amsterdam / Etage, Berlin - studies with Anzu Furukawa, Andras Keskesc, Maya Brosch, Yumiko Yoshioka; sculpture and graphic design (Grafik Department Rheinbach, Alanus University for Art). He studied directing, film, free & performing arts (University of Fine Arts, Braunschweig, gifted and talented apprenticeship) with Anzu Furukawa as his primary professor and teacher. Ates is the Founder and Artistic Director of loplop (performing arts space in Berlin) and Devilangelo (dance theatre company). He is a practitioner of concrete transcendental structures of (mad) logic. Since 1990, his various art and performance projects (as actor, dancer, performer and director) have spanned Germany, USA, Italy, Poland, GUS, France, Spain and Denmark. He has worked extensively with Yuko Kaseki (dancer), Dance Butter Tokio (company directed by Anzu Furukawa), Johannes Wallmann (Composer), Kryptonale, F. Giovangigli (Painter), Axel Dörner (Composer), Olaf Rupp (Guitar Player), inkBoat and many others on projects including: Abraxas (supported by Berlin Senat), Kikka (supported by Berlin Senat), HOR (supported by Berlin Senat), Body HTML, Sacre du Printemps (supported by Braunschweig City Government), Fruitica Hysterica, Argo (supported by UNESCO), Versus (supported by Berlin Senat), Kudan, Tobooe (supported by Berlin Senat), Goya (directed by Anzu Furukawa, supported by Berlin Senat), Haru Yayoi Chan Kou (supported by Berlin Senat), Invisible Real (supported by Japan in Deutschland), Eine leere Flasche, Der Gefangenenchor, Tasting an Ocean (directing Shinichi Iova-Koga solo), Was Ras, all A lone (supported by Japan Foundation and Berlin Senat). (Quelle: Inkboat)