Ramalingom, Fabrice

Fabrice Ramalingom began his career as a dance interpreter at the CENTER CHOREGRAPHIQUE NATIONAL OF MONTPELLIER (FRANCE) in 1988, after his studies at the NATIONAL CENTER OF CONTEMPORARY DANCE in ANGERS. He worked for Dominique Bagouet, an emblematic French choreographer, renowned for the intelligence of his writing and the importance of his work in the choreographic French landscape. It was while he was a member of Compagnie Bagouet that he danced in the piece ONE STORY HAVE IN FALLING (1992) created by the talented Trisha Brown, one of the more important American choreographers of the post-modern dances. In 1992, after the death of the choreographer Dominique Bagouet, Fabrice then founded, the Notebooks Bagouet. This was a reflection cell for the transmission of the works of the deceased choreographer. This experimental cell was a model and was used as an example for the transmission of the contemporary choreographic works in France. Fabrice remained an active member up to 2003 and participated in the transmission of one of the more important pieces of the Catalogue Bagouet, SO SCHNELL, to the dancers of the Paris Opera (1998). He was equally responsible for the artistic direction of the remounting of one of the more complexes pieces of the Catalogue Bagouet, FURNISHES BRIEFLY that allies the dance to the text of the novel of the writer Emmanuel Bove: AFTALION ALEXANDER (2000). In 1993, he created the company La Camionetta with Helene Cathala, whom he met within the Company Bagouet. It was quickly funded by the Ministry of Culture. Together they choreographed 11 pieces. Within this company, Fabrice began to choreograph independently of Helene, creating IMPLICATION in 2000, TOUCHES and MISS BOLIVIAS (creation for a cooperation project in Bolivia with the assistance of the France embassy of Bolivia) in 2004. Parallel to his activities as choreographer, he continued to work as an interpreter in the works: FLOWING ALONG, by Herve Robbe (1994), CPAD TO GROOVE by Yvonne Rainer, restored by the QUARTET KNUST (1998), PAST/FORWARD by The White Oaks project/Mikhail Barishnikov (2001) for the fall festival of Paris, BARAKOODA by Yves Noel Genod and LUGARES COMUNES (2006) by Benoit Lachambre, and QUINTET CIRCLE (resumed of role-2007) of Boris Charmatz. In 2000 and 2001, he was invited to counsel the programming of the festival DAYS OF DANCE in Nîmes and was instigator of artistic projects in the framework of the festival. In 2002 in Montpellier, he proposed the notion of transgressing disciplines while creating, with a collective of 5 artists, the experience CHANGE OF PROPRIETAIRE, an alternate place of production and of creation, where they offered courses, workshops and performances. Throughout his career as a dance artist, Fabrice has developed his activities as a teacher through different structures at: the NATIONAL CONSERVATORIES MUSIC SUPERIEURS AND OF PARIS DANCE AND OF LYON, to the NATIONAL CENTER OF CONTEMPORARY DANCE of ANGERS and to the CENTERS CHOREGRAPHIQUES NATIONAL OF MONTPELLIER AND OF TURNS directed by Daniel Larrieu and for the company DCA of Phillipe Decouffle. In 2005, he was the counsel for the formation EX.E.R.CE of the CENTER CHOREGRAPHIQUE NATIONAL OF MONTPELLIER, directed by Mathilde Monnier. (Quelle: / jst