This DVD presents several extracts of Titanick Theater main productions :

- "Odyssey" : Theater Titanick's latest production is based on Homer's Odyssey. During his wanderings, Homer's hero Odysseus has to master many difficult and dangerous situations, he doesn't give up, however, until he finally reaches his goal. Before the background of this legend, Theater Titanick's production shows a theatre group that wants to stage the Odyssey and, in the process, gets lost in it's world and so creates wonderful and unusual images that seem to belong equally to Homers' Odyssey as well as to their own very real world.
- "Firebirds" : This production is based on the idea of a competition. A parade of six daredevil pilots and their flying machines makes its way through the city centre accompanied by the ground crew (amateur actors) and the French music group 'Fanfare Le Snob'. The pilots try to win the favour of the audience as they go. Which of them has the most beautiful flying machine and which is the best at flying? Who will be the first to rise into the air from the prepared take-off strip at the site of the parade finale?
- "Insect" : The story of mankind's age-old dream of flying is portrayed by Theater Titanick as a grotesque fable with our typical special effects incorporating fire, water and machinery. "A marvellous story about the triumph of fantasy".
- "Titanic" : The legendary sinking of the Titanic during an April night in 1912 is transformed by Theater Titanick's grotesque characters into impressive images and sensations: the glamour and destruction of a luxury liner with a banquet on the upper deck, a fire in the machine-room, limping gaits of cripples, drunken staff and pleasure-seeking passengers. The apocalyptic theatrical inferno, the eccentric characters, the great live music, and the overwhelming fire and water effects, have been delighting audiences for years in international festivals.
- "Treibgut" : The production entitled Treibgut, which means flotsam or wreckage found floating on water, is performed on and in water - a first for Theater Titanick. City harbours, lakes or rivers are turned into open-air stages. Recent catastrophic floods have highlighted the limits of human power. Whenever the boundaries that man has set are overcome by nature, whenever it claims back some of its territory, even if only temporarily, it becomes clear that the ancient battle between man and his environment, between Nature and Culture is far from over and settled.
- "Quadratwurzel"
- "Production archive"

German and English speaking. (dvd cover and website) /MM

Gruppe / Compagnie / Ensemble
Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2013
Holger Teupel Axel Ziegenspeck Uwe Nietzschke Franjo Hülck
70 min