Finissage of Stadium X


Finissage of Stadium X. Live Art Projects in the Derelict Communist Stadium. The 10th- Anniversary Stadium in Warsaw, a Socialist Realist ruin surrounded by open-air market after 20 years of a phantom-like existence became in 2008 the construction site of a new National Stadium. The stadium was built in 1955 from the rubble of WW II and was to preserve Communism's good name.In the early 1990's it fell into ruin, and was "revived" by the Vietnamese and Russian Traders. Its heterogeneity led to the series of art projects: Finissage of Stadium X of a participative and semi-documentary nature (a walk, a football match, a Sunday radio station, a spectacle on a building site, an exhibition featuring real people) which touched upon issues of memory, deterioration, imagination, ambiguity and the future. Episode 1.Boniek! - A one-man-enactement of the 1982 Poland-Belgium Football Match. By Massimo Furlan, commentary by Tomasz Zimoch.2007. The First episode - Boniek! - a performance by Massimo Furlan with a commentary by Tomasz Zimoch was a one man re-enactment of a spectacular game in the history of the Polish football team - the Poland - Belgium face-off (3-0) at the 1982 World Cup in Spain. Furlan was reproducing the choreography of the match's hero, Zbigniew Boniek, who scored all the three goals. The "match" was reported live by Poland's leading sports commentator and broadcast by Radio Kampus. Furlan's projects often refer to childhood images and memories, one of which is the voice of a radio commentator coming out of open windows in a deserted city. Episode 4.RADIO STADION BROADCASTS, International Radio for the Weekend in All the Languages of the Market by Radio Simulator and Backyard radio.2008. This forth episode, was using a local public-address system operating in the market area, broadcasting all kinds of information, from buy-and-sell offers to administrative announcements, but only in Polish. Radio Station transformed it into a weekend radio broadcasting program by radio artists or by the vendors in their languages: Russian, Vietnamese, Romanian or Armenian. The project aimed at creating a micro-community of performers and listeners made up of people who have since 1989 been enriching the homogeneous landscape of the post-Communist Warsaw. Episode 5. Palowanie / Pile driving. A Night Show on the Construction Site by Annas Kollektiv. 2008. Annas Kollektiv is a Swiss collective of dancers, architects, filmmakers and sociologists. They confront architecture as a potential city-set raising questions about its the social, urban, or cultural meanings. The artists subjected the Stadium to artistic acupuncture, showing the disappearing portions of the monumental sports-space. Inspired by the 10th Anniversary Stadium as a Multi-Layered space of history, the collective offered its own night show interpretation of the disappearing object. Episode 6. SCHENGEN. Control Observation Point by Schauplatz International. 2008. In the Sixth episode - Schengen - The Swiss Theatre group Schauplatz International recreated on the pitch of the Stadium a portion of Poland's and EU's eastern border and a control observation point. The starting point for the performance was the reflection that stadiums and borders are meant to build national identity. While stadiums are architectural objects whose construction take years to complete, borders are products of our imagination and social contracts. During the eight hour-long live installation, the artists held discussions about the abstractness of borders, the construction of national identity, the meaning of the EU flag and received special guests. (Quelle: from the menu of the dvd) isrr

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Finissage of a Stadium X is a project curated by Joanna Warsza. Film Concept by Marta Pruska and Marcin Latallo. Artists: Massimo Furlan, Tomasz Zimoch, Radio Simulator and Backyard Radio, Annas Kollektiv and Schauplatz International.
Freitag, 12. Oktober 2007
Marcin Latallo, Marta Pruska
20 min