A.PART 2022: ONSTAGEPLEASE! / Program 2


A.PART Festival for contemporary dance students and alumni 2022 ONSTAGEPLEASE!

ada Studio Berlin

curated by Julek Kreutzer and Diethild Meier

Following two digital editions of the A.PART Festival, the 2022 edition titled ONSTAGEPLEASE! is presenting choreographic work by young artists, trained in Berlin, who have been a part of the festival since 2020 and were unable to present their work live due to the pandemic.

Like every year, the 2022 A.PART Festival once again brings together diverse perspectives on choreography and dance, by alumni and students from Berlin’s dance education programs. In the spirit of the past two editions, the focus is on continuity, curiosity, solidary support, and fluctuating adaptation. 

// PROGRAM 2 //

Maria Rutanen & Joséphine Auffray - “My body’s wild life”

My body’s wild life unravels the mystery of going wild. Zoomorphic rituals, the embodiment of non-humans, a cinematic mystical fantasy world, and the romanticization of a woman’s relationship with nature are entangled with each other.

In this work, we examine human agency in nature, the attempt to return to the wild state of nature we have tamed, and the human desire to realize wild nature in themselves.

Dreamy, intermediate terrain holds the mystery of the wild place, which is not just about beauty, but also a place of decay, a place of care and destruction, sensuality and brutality, predator and prey. A place of becoming.

Milla Toppi & Lauren Fitzgerald - “EASY”

Working for the first time as a duo, Milla and Lauren explore everyday escapism and its relation to dreams and the flow of time. Simultaneously inspired, repulsed, bored, and brought to laughter by their previous works, they play with recycling personal themes and movements from the past, loyally and irreverently.

Clara Dünnebeil - “EinBlick”

In EinBlick, Clara Dünnebeil searches for a space where she feels at home. This never-ending exploration is a constant source of inspiration for her. Is it about the location? The people who are around? Or is it, in the end, an inner sensation? After participating in the A.PART Festival in 2020, her views on the topic have developed and changed. In this year’s edition, she will present the reworked version of her solo.

Asya Ashman & Konstantin Koryagin - “Krepost”

We are in the Krepost (Fortress) of liminal states with a tempting portal in the middle. Everyone wants to be a zombie, but can’t quite become one. Imperial totems are all around. Only desperation and scientifically unproven funny little soviet devices can bring one back to life from eternal sleep. Your next step __

We stand against the war in Ukraine and Russian imperialism.

Sound: Ada Laub

Set Design: Jasmine Parsley

Jeanne Binet & Sofia Seta - “Canticles”

Composing with elements of improvisation and choreography, we explore how we perceive the music and respond to different sounds. Working with the composer Naim on an original track, we translate what we hear from the music to the body, to reveal more of it on a physical level. We focus on creating tension between our two bodies in space, and on developing specific movement languages to express strong images. We create tension by coming into strong moments of unison and constantly shifting from that place. We invite the audience to a personal and immersive experience, with the potential of sparking memories, emotions, and intimate stories.

Sound: Naim


Choreographed and performed by: Maria Rutanen, Joséphine Auffray, Milla Toppi, Lauren Fitzgerald, Clara Dünnebeil, Asya Ashman, Konstantin Koryagin, Jeanne Binet, Sofia Seta

Curated by: Julek Kreutzer, Diethild Meier

Technical Management / Light Design: Robert Prideaux

Thanks to: Gabi Beier


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Freitag, 13. Mai 2022
Alicja Hoppel
75 min