Proper Job Theatre Company


Proper Job Theatre Company was established in 1985. The company has a history of profound engagement creating exciting projects using theatre to inspire change. We are the only company in the UK that uses Meyerhold’s Theatrical Biomechanics. The ensemble of actors is a highly trained group that creates work which is risky and imaginative. Above all, our style is theatrical and what we do is accessible, passionate, and emotionally engages with our audiences. Proper Job Theatre Company merged with Talia Theatre in 2006. A company that has adopted the biomechanical technique in all their theatre work. This knowledge gained by the merger has already contributed to the success of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, Brave New World, Dracula and, most recently, Romeo & Juliet. Theatrical Biomechanics is a unique approach to movement training, developed by Russian theatre visionary Vsevold Meyerhold. His ideas were fundamental to modern theatre and have influenced major directors such as Peter Brook, Grotowski and Brecht. Biomechanics is a means of refining the actor's balance and physical control, rhythmic awareness and responsiveness to other performers, audience and external stimuli. Theatrical Biomechanics is a technique that has been written about endlessly but rarely ever used for performance after the 1930s. Talia’s, and now Proper Job’s, work with Gennadi Bogdanov aims to present this technique as a living dynamic expression of the actor on stage. Bogdanov is the last living link to this theatre tradition, being a former student of Nikolai Kustov, an actor and teacher in Meyerhold's company. Amongst others, Bogdanov has worked with Grotowski and Odin Theatre. He has also led sell-out workshops for the International Workshop Festival. Direct heir of Meyerhold pedagogy, Bogdanov is the only person in the world who is able to teach the Classic Etudes of Theatrical Biomechanics Proper Job is privileged to host Gennadi Bogdanov annually and we continue to develop international relationships with other schools of Biomechanics. (Quelle: egd