Villa-Lobos, Maria Clara


Maria Clara Villa-Lobos was born in Brasilia, Brazil in 1972. Her father being a diplomate, she lived in different countries and continents from the age of three. She speaks therefore several languages, including Portuguese, Spanish, French, English, German, Swedish and Dutch. She studied classical ballet and modern dance at the Staatliche Ballettschule Berlin in Germany during three years, after which she went to Sweden to start working with Caprioli Dance Co. In Stockholm she worked with different choreographers as a free-lance dancer/collaborator (Efva Lilja, Kajsa Gjertz, Claire Parsons, Maria Sandin…). In 1995, she moved to Brussels to study at P.A.R.T.S., under the artistic direction of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. Classes included composition, music analysis, singing, anatomy, repertory, sociology and dance history among others. Additional formation includes workshops given by David Zambrano, Julyen Hamilton, John Jasperse, Meg Stuart and Wim Vandekeybus among many others. After her studies, she worked with different choreographers such as Rui Horta, David Hernandez, Willi Dorner (Mazy), Christine De Smedt and Les Ballets C. de la B. (9x9), Sasha Waltz (Dialogue), Thomas Lehmen (Monosubjects) and Tino Sehgal. She has also been developing her own choreographic work since 96 with pieces such as Crash, Home Sweet Home, TRIO (in collaboration with double-bass player Peter Jacquemyn), Pin-up Stories, “Les Histoires d’amour finissent mal (Bal Moderne) and XL, because size does matter (Brussels 2000). In 2002, she worked for the production house Villanella, based in Antwerp, where she created XS, a piece for children. She was also invited in 2002 by Tanz Performance Köln to collaborate with Portuguese choreographer Lilia Mestre on the creation of a solo ( “Faces, a solo under influence ) which premiered in Cologne. In 2003, she created M, an average piece which became the 3rd part of a trilogy (including XL and XS). The piece has been performed in several countries since its premiere (Brazil, Canada, Germany, Austria, France, Belgium…), also XL, because size does matter has been performed in more than 10 countries and is currently still touring in 2004-05 (check for more info). The 4th part of the tetralogy has just premiered in Brussels, XXL, because big is beautiful. It’s a half hour solo performed by an obese woman. From Sept to Dec 05, a site specific project called Space Invaders as well as a new production for stage called Super, will take place in Mechelen, Belgium. For info: Teaching experience includes technique and repertory classes at P.E.P. (Performing Education Program) led by David Hernandez and classes for amateurs at Stuk, in Leuven. Classes at Espace Catastrophe in Brussels and workshops in France (Festival d’Avignon, university students in Paris, with youngsters in Armentières…), Cape Verde (Africa), Belgium and Brazil. (Quelle: danswerkhuys)