De Mey, Michèle Anne

Belgian dancer and choreographer, studied at Mudra (school founded by Maurice Béjart). 1981 started to produce her own choreographic creations and, at the same time, worked with Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker. She set up her own company in 1990 for her creation "Sinfonia Eroica". Some of her choreographic work has formed the basis for films ("Love Sonnets", "21 études à danser", "Face à face"). Since 2005, artistic director of "Charleroi/Danses". Michèle Anne De Mey (Brussels - 1959) is a Belgian choreographer and former student at Mudra (from 1976 to 1979), the school founded by Maurice Béjart (Brussels). She pointed contemporary dance in a new direction with her first choreographies : Passé Simple (1981) and the duos Ballatum (1984) and Face à Face (1986). At the same time, she worked with Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker for six years on the creation and interpretation of several of her choreographies, namely Fase (1982), Rosas danst Rosas (1983), Elena’s Aria (1984) and Ottone, ottone (1988). Although special consideration is always given to the relationship between dance and music, the choreographic structure of Michèle Anne De Mey’s creations cultivates a strong theatrical content and places the dancer in a specific and innovative relationship between stage and audience. In 1990, she founded her company on the occasion of Sinfonia Eroica. Following this, there were 15 other creations which met with international acclaim, among them Raining Dogs (2002), Utopie (2001), Katamenia (1997), Pulcinella (1994), Love Sonnets (1994), Châteaux en Espagne (1991), Cahier (1995), etc. Her pedagogical contribution has also been significant (in Amsterdam, at INSAS in Brussels, CNDC in Angers and École en Couleurs). For three years, she worked with the children at École en Couleurs on the elaboration of Sacre en Couleurs, a creation presented on the occasion of Bruxelles/Brussel 2000. Her choreographic work has been the starting point for several films, such as Love Sonnets and 21 Études à danser by Thierry De Mey, and Face à Face by Eric Pauwels. Using the force of music to create her choreographic universe, she worked with the renowned composers Thierry De Mey, Robert Wyatt and Jonathan Harvey. For several years, she has been working in close collaboration with other artists such as artist-scenographer Simon Siegmann and the filmmaker-composer Thierry De Mey. In June 2006 she recreated one of her seminal pieces from the 1990s – Sinfonia Eroica – for nine dancers. This has gone on to be performed more than a hundred times all over the world. In December 2007 she created P.L.U.G, a show all about the mechanics of mating. Michèle Anne presented Koma, a solo for a female dancer, during the Made in Korea festival staged by BOZAR in June 2009. This solo is one of a series of four, with the other three by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Arco Renz and Thomas Hauert. Neige opened the Charleroi Danses Biennale in November 2009 before going on tour. For the VIA festival in March 2011, she worked with Jaco Van Dormael and in a group comprising Gregory Grosjean, Thomas Gunzig, Julien Lambert, Nicolas Olivier and Sylvie Olivé on Kiss & Cry - NanoDanses, a highly original and ambitious show confronting film, dance, words, theatre and brilliant DIY. Over 20 dates have already been announced. Michèle Anne De Mey is now associate artist at Charleroi Danses, the Choreographic Centre of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. She presented her latest work Lamento in May 2012, a solo created for and performed by the dancer Gabriella Iacono based on Monteverdi’s Lamento d’Arianna. (Quelle: egd