Bellifemine, Gilda

Gilda Bellifemine studies theatre and contemporary dance since 1994 first in Bari and then in Florence, Rome and Berlin. In 2002 she moves to Brussels where she actually works. In 1994 she created with some actors the street theatre company “La Giostra di Calliope, performing till 1996 in several Italian buskers festivals with a children theatre piece. From 1995 to 1998 she works for “Ensemble Calixtinus as dancer in Renaissance music and dance shows, several shows are didactic performances in primary schools. Between 1998 and 2004 she moves from Florence to Berlin and then Brussels to improve her own dance training; she studies among the others with Inaki Azpillaga, Mia Lawrence, Jeremy Nelson, Kirstie Simson, Ivan Wolfe. In Florence she starts choreographing within a Multimedia Collective, MINIMOMO+L'ACARO, working with electronic music and videos. In Berlin she works with video artist Floriano Secciani on a dance installation, Terso shown in Italy on November 2001 and shows a duo with Lea Helmstaedter during the Berliner Tanztage in the Sophiensaelen, January 2002. In Brussels she creates 2much Company with Diana Negrinelli and Vittoria DeFerrari, showing two pieces in Nadine (July 2003) and Les Bains::connective (May 2004) where she works since 2003. At the end of 2004 she starts working on the project CLICHÉ' ME, a study on the massive influences of medias on female behaviour. She shows a solo, CLICHE' ME#1-62kg, 1.68m-, as first study in Berlin, September 2004 at the Kunsthaus Tacheles during the festival Lucky Trimmer, and then in Brussels at the Kaaitheaterstudio's during the Long Night of Dance in February 2005. Moved to Italy from March till October 2005 she creates the dance installation CLICHÉ' ME#2, for a number from three up to nine women. This work is performed with success in various international festivals such as Linguaggi, in Pescara; The Last in Siracusa; Wunder Der Praerie in Mannheim, Germany, SibiuDans in Sibiu, Romania. From june to july 2006 she works as artist in residence at Les Bains::connective, Brussels, creating the third solo within the project: CLICHE' ME#3, a video coproduced by Les Bains and 2much Company meant to be part of a next solo where the solist performer interacts with the images of the video and the audience in a small room. This project, CLICHE ME#4, has been selected and produced by the festival Es.Terni, in Italy, with 9 other young artists within the call for entries "Dimora Fragile". It premiered on the 21st of september 2007. As dancer she worked in Italy, Berlin and Brussels with different coreographers such as Felix Rueckert, Costanza Macras, Frederic De Carlo, Vincenzo Carta. (Quelle: Website)